Telecom provider 2017 - Labour Policy Question 1

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Does the brand (owner) have a supplier Code of Conduct (CoC) which includes all the basic standards to ensure workers' rights such as no child labour, no bonded labour, a safe workplace and no excessive overwork? And is there at least a progress report once every two years on implementation of this Code of Conduct?


DE: Hat der Markenhersteller einen Verhaltenskodex für Zulieferer (Code of Conduct, CoC), in dem die folgenden Standards enthalten sind: keine Zwangs- oder Sklavenarbeit, keine Kinderarbeit, keine Diskriminierung jeglicher Art sowie ein sicherer und hygienischer Arbeitsplatz? Wird zumindest im zweijährlichen Turnus über die Implementierung der Standards berichterstattet?


This question is a merger of:

The reasoning behind merging these questions is that it has proven to be easy for brands to publish a complete Code of Conduct (CoC) and gaining the first points in our ranking. A considerable number of brands have given no proof of follow up on this CoC since then. In that case this CoC alone can be pure greenwashing which we cannot promote. Therefore, we require at least a minimum of follow up, as follows:

  • At least a bi-annual report (once every two years);
  • including an overview of production countries;
  • describing the CoC implementation and analysing method (e.g. BSCI audits);

And further:

  • describing the results including the problems found. This can be compiled and summarized for this question;
  • describing (corrective) actions for the next (two) years

Alternatively to the last 2 requirements, the brand can report about supplier certifications (e.g. GOTS, SA8000) if this counts for at least 50% of the purchase value.

Answering Guidelines

See the answering guidelines to the merged questions in the wiki, and please further elaborate in one or two sentences about the progress report of the brand, e.g.:

[...] and Brand (owner) published the annual report [year] with a summary about social compliance in the supply chain / a bi-annual CSR report including labour conditions at suppliers.

[...] but Brand (owner) has not published any progress report

[...] Brand (owner) published a CSR report, but regarding labour conditions at suppliers, it does not describe [the production countries / corrective actions / results]. [...] but Brand (owner) latest progress report is from [year], which is more than 2 years old.

Note: To elaborate on the previous statement, a report on, say, the year 2016 qualifies up to and including 2018.