Print Media Ecology Question 5

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Does the brand (company) use only (100%) paper coming from sustainable sources, such as FSC-certified-paper for its products, and is this policy transparently communicated by the brand(owner)?

  • Dutch version: Komt al het papier dat het merk (bedrijf) gebruikt voor zijn producten van duurzame bronnen, zoals FSC-gecertificeerd papier, en is dit als beleid vastgelegd en gepubliceerd?
  • German version: Verarbeitet der Markenhersteller für Printprodukte zu 100% Papier aus nachhaltigen Quellen (z.B. FSC-zertifiziertes Papier)?


This question is a follow up on Print Media Ecology Question 2. Since the core activity of print media is to publish their news and articles in papers and magazines, large amounts of paper are used. This paper should come from ‘preferred’ sustainable sources, so we know for sure that the forests are at least managed responsibly or that the paper is 100% recycled. For References and Guidelines see Print Media Ecology Question 1.

We additionally ask for a publicly available policy here, to guarantee that the use of sustainable paper is better secured for the future editions also.