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Does the brand (company) only use officepaper that comes from sustainable sources or has it reduced its annual office paper use by at least 50% in the last 5 years?

  • Dutch version: Gebruikt het merk (bedrijf) alleen papier in zijn kantoren dat van duurzame bronnen afkomstig is of heeft het merk het jaarlijkse papiergebruik in zijn kantoren met teminste 50% gereduceerd in de laatste 5 jaar?
  • German version: Nutzt der Markenhersteller für den Bürogebrauch zu 100% Papier aus nachhaltigen Quellen (z.B. FSC-zertifiziertes Papier), oder wurde der Papierverbrauch in den letzten fünf Jahren um mindestens 50% verringert?


The print media sector obviously uses tons of paper, since the core product only comes in paper (magazines and newspapers) (see next questions). But print media companies also use paper in their offices. Paper is made from wood, and although wood is renewable, the worldwide consumption is much higher than the current re-growth rate.

It would be unrealistic to ask the print media companies to reduce their product paper footprint. In the offices it should be easier to reduce paper. Therefore we ask the media brands to either use only paper from sustainable sources in its offices OR clear proof a reduction of paper use, which should proven in numbers and be more than 50% in the last 5 years.

Office paper may include: printing paper, envelopes, notebooks and any other kind of paper that is used in the offices.

There are different types of certification for timber and paper. In line with the British and Dutch national sustainable procurement policies we accept the following certifications and standards:

In case you find other paper certifications, contact before giving the point.

Ranking guidelines

Only rank 'yes' when the brand (company) states that all (100%) of the paper used in its offices is FSC, PEFC or Preps (5 star grades) certified, or when all paper is 100% recycled and certified by eg Cyclus.