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EN: Are at least 90% of the brand products certified ‘organic’?
NL: Zijn tenminste 90% van de producten van het merk (bedrijf) gecertificeerd als 'biologisch'?
DE: Verarbeitet der Markenhersteller zumindest zu 90% biologisch- oder anderweitig umweltzertifizierte Inhaltsstoffe?


Some brands go for the strictes possible environmental certification possible: organic, meaning that during the agriculture of 'natural' ingredients no synthetic pollutants have been applied. We approve quality marks Demeter, Ecocert and what more comes up, and the metric is percentage certified ingredients over the total use of ingredients by weight.

Answering Guidelines

- At least [number] out of [total number of products] of [brand] are certified organic.

- [Brand] states that none of its products are certified 'organic'.

- [Brand] claims to use [describe the claim] organic but it is not clear what overall percentage of material use this represents.
- [Brand] does not specify which share of its products is certified ‘organic’.

Note: when linking to a downloadable source document, please refer to the page(s) where to find the respective information with: (see link, page [..]).

Optional, but only for ? Answers, feel free to write at the end of a remark: Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible choices.

Further resources

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