Chocolate Labour Conditions / Fair Trade Question 6

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Does the brand (company) maintain a published list of cocoa suppliers, that have collectively contributed to more than 90% of the purchase volume of cocoa?
Dutch version: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) een lijst van cacao producenten gepubliceerd die samen meer dan 90% van het inkoopvolume cacao vertegenwoordigen?
German version: Hat der Markenhersteller eine Liste der Kakao-Zulieferer veröffentlicht, die gemeinschaftlich mehr als 90% des Einkaufsvolumens beitragen?


One of the ultimate (and unusual) ways to boost transparency is to share the supplier list with other brands (as usual within most MSI’s) or even better, to put the supplier list online. See also Apparel & Footwear Question 4. In the Netherlands, the brand Fair Trade Original mentions the cocoa suppliers in the annual report.

Answering Guidelines

You can reward a ‘Yes’ if the list is not older than 2,5 years and is most likely to cover more than 90% of the brand’s total production.

Answer Yes:

  • This list covers all of the [brand]’s active suppliers (see link).
  • This list most likely covers 90% of the (Brand)'s total production (see link).

Answer No:

  • [Brand] explicitely says it does not publish the names and contact details of its suppliers (e.g. for competition reasons) (see page ...).

Answer ?:

  • [Brand] does not provide a significant list of direct suppliers on its website.