Category and Free Tag Instructions for the Chocolate Section

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Category and Free Tag instructions for the Chocolate Section

Please select one of the following categories for your brand: coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, chocolate bars or chocolate spreads. This choice is easier made for some brands than it is for others. Just follow your common sense or have a look at the examples below.

You can also refine these categories by including free tags. These differ per category: where the category 'chocolate bar' allows you to chose between 'chocolate bars', 'bonbon', 'candy bar' or 'candy snacks', you can use more than one you think is relevant. If the brand also manufactures other products than chocolate, you can also add 'tea' or 'coffee' to the free tags section.

CATEGORY Free Tags Brand Examples
Chocolatedrink Chocomel, Nesquick
Chocolate bar Chocolate bar, Candy Bar, Candy Snack, Bonbon, Praline Australian, Kinder Surprise, KitKat, Leonidas, Lion, Mars, Tony Chocolonely, Twix, Verkade
Spreads Sprinkles, Chocolate Spread Nutella, Penotti, De Ruijter, Venz